Adventures in Elm with Jessica Kerr

Adventures in Elm with Jessica Kerr 22th JUNE 2017 Codestar and JTech invite you to an evening with Jessica Kerr, well known for her enthusiasm when speaking internationally about functional programming, microservices and trade-offs in languages. Her Adventures into Elm should be interesting to all Full Stack Developers that are interested in a functional approach to frontend development.

Talk 1: Live Coding – Pure Functional Programming in Elm

Elm is a language for web development. Elm is the first language that lets me — a back-end functional programmer — enjoy building a web app. It is proving that pure functional programming works for the UI, and works well.

See how you can create a web application with zero runtime errors. (Not zero bugs — I can't save you from all your bugs, just a lot of them). See compile errors that are more clear than most test failures. See how the data flows in an interactive application without mutation or callbacks. In this presentation, I'll build a web app from scratch, step by step: from nothing to something useful in fifty minutes.

Talk 2: Conquering Elm boilerplate – code that modifies code with Scala Parser combinators, Rug and Typescript.

Elm is beautifully explicit, clear, and structured. The downside to that is boilerplate. I didn't write hundreds of lines of Elm in 50 minutes without help. What do developers do when our work gets repetitive? Write a program for it!

I conquer the boilerplate using Rug: code that modifies code. In this presentation you'll learn enough about Scala parser-combinators to start using them for your own purposes, and enough about Rug to modify your own code in any language. Writing code that modifies code is harder than typing the same code over and over, but way more satisfying. If you like it, go home and write code to modify whatever code you choose: Java, Scala, C#, you name it.


Jessica Kerr is a developer with eighteen years of coding in Java, Scala, Clojure, Elm, Ruby, etc. She's also an international speaker, podcaster, and occasional blogger. She teaches functional programming, development automation, and conscious pragmatism. Jessica works remotely at her dream job for Atomist, where she shaves yaks to make yaks easier to shave. Find her at home in St. Louis, Missouri; on audio as a panelist on >Code (; and on twitter as @jessitron.

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22th June 2017
18:00   Food
18:30   Talk 1: Live Coding – Pure Functional Programming in Elm
19:30   Break
20:00   Talk 2: Conquering Elm Boilerplate
21:00   Drinks


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