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Java Platform And Applications Experts

BellSoft provides a secure development kit and run-time for Java SE applications. The company’s commercial support helps enterprises effectively meet the business challenges in the cloud, on-premise and IoT areas.

BellSoft has been founded in 2017 by the former Oracle Java team. BellSoft participates in Java technology evolution and the company is among Top-5 the most active OpenJDK upstream contributors together with Oracle, Red Hat, SAP, and Google. BellSoft provides and supports Liberica JDK – binary distribution with additional benefits based on OpenJDK. Liberica JDK is available for a variety of platforms and targets server, cloud, desktop, and embedded use cases. Liberica JDK guarantees the compliance with Java SE standard as it verified by TCK test suite. BellSoft provides security updates and critical patches for Liberica JDK in parallel with Oracle Java SE CPU updates. The company offers commercial support for Liberica JDK users and committed to supporting Liberica JDK 8 and 11 at least until 2026.

JetBrains and BellSoft entered a strategic collaboration. BellSoft supports JetBrains Runtime which is used by any IntelliJ platform-based product.