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categorieën: Consultancy, Software

Amsterdam-native tech start-up AxonIQ B.V. offers a software platform, services and education to expedite software development of large-scale event-driven systems systems based on Microservices architecture. Our tools and methods enable companies to design, build and deploy future-proof applications faster than anyone else. Robust features such as extensive auditing and scalability are at the core of our offering and not treated as mere add-ons.

The AxonIQ platform is the natural next step for the team behind the Axon Framework – a small team who found themselves repeatedly solving the same problems in many different projects.  As projects built using the open-source Axon Framework matured, the team noticed a lack of adequate tooling to deal with the high volume of messages in large event-driven systems.

AxonIQ is an elegant and practical solution that makes it easy to capitalize on the benefits of an event-driven architecture.

“You could develop everything yourself, but why would you?”